Green Mountain Post & Beam Timber Frames

Affordable Hand Crafted Timber Frames

The Timber Frame Design Process

You may already have detailed prints, or different ideas to present to us. If not, one way to start is looking through different magazines or books. Most bookstores carry Timber Homes Illustrated and Timber Frame Homes. There are different design books for floor plans etc. Try to determine the size and style of your project. Then send us any information you have gathered; pictures and floor plans, preliminary framing prints, sketches along with information about your budget, building site, and schedule.

In most cases, if you are requesting a quote on a standard frame, all we would need is the overall dimensions, style, type of wood and the type of finish to be applied to the Beams.

Designing an Affordable Timber Frame

  1. Plan to build your frame using hemlock or white pine, both of these are available in our region.
  2. Keep the dimensions of your floor plan simple (i.e.: rectangle or square).
  3. Keep the joinery standard and keep timber lengths 16 feet and under if possible. Lengths over 16 feet usually cost a premium.
  4. Use standard dimensions. Example: cape style 28 X 36, 24 X 36, 28 X 32, 24 X 24, 18 X 36 or 36 X 36. Saltbox style 28 X 36, 26 X 36, 28 X 32 or 36 X 32.
  5. Use unplaned or rough timbers. Normally the timbers are oiled to retain their color.
  6. Planed timbers have more of a decorative and formal look. The edges of planed timbers are usually chamfered. Another custom look is curved knee braces. These options are available at a reasonable cost.
  7. Purchase one of our kit frame packages. This is a pre cut timber frame with detailed instructions for assembly and erecting.
  8. Explore the possibilities of a Hybrid frame. This is timber mixed with conventional framing or a timber frame addition to your conventional home.